These are what I call "The Bama Flint Creations" , the first two were created for a die-hard Alabama
fan who picked out the material from the wide variety that I have on hand.   I think she's on to

#106 - Blade is made from Mexican Red Obsidian, the Handle-"Exotica Jasper".
#107 - same material
#108 - Nick Saban's dagger, in foreground (Help me get it to him!)
This bad-boy was created for and is being
held for the opportunity to present to
Alabama's Coach Nick Saban!
Click Saban's
pic for his bio!
The base of this beauty is made from Pinhead Coral from Tampa,
Florida - in consideration for where Coach Saban came from.
Uh, Alabama is on TOP of Florida, right?
If you would like an
Alabama Knife
created for you,
click above!